The IEEE Summit: Towards Secure Green Energy

Tuesday, 10th November, 2015. 09:30 -17:30 The Hotel, Boulevard de Waterloo, 38, 1000 Brussels


Towards Secure Green Energy - Contributor Perspectives

Welcome & Opening Remarks: Marko Delimar: Chair of IEEE European Public Policy Initiative

Keynote Speech followed by Q&A: Karl Falkenberg

Panel I – Enabling the energy transition: When will green become the new normal?

Hans ten Berge: Union of the Electricity Industry Marie: Donnelly: European Commission Tomas Gomez San Roman: Comillas University, Spain James Luger: OFGEM / CEER

Panel II – How reliable is reliable enough?

Samuele Furfari: European Commission

Goran Strbac: Imperial College London, UK

Frauke Thies: SEDC

Jean Verseille: Reseau de Transport d' Electrictite, France

Panel III – Green, yes! Reliable, yes! But who pays?

Mukund Bhagwat: IFIEC Working Parties Electricity, Climate Change and Efficiency

Giles Dickson: EWEA Sylvain Lhôte: Alcoa Europe Nikos Hatziargyriou: DSO Greece Dirk Van Evercooren: VREG

Conclusions Pierluigi Mancarella: Chair, Working Group on Energy, IEEE European Public Policy Initiative

What can IEEE do? Marko Delimar: Chair of IEEE Europan Public Policy Initiative