Welcome to the IEEE AI & Ethics Summit 2016: Artificial Intelligence and Ethics – Who does the thinking?

Tuesday 15 November 2016. The Sofitel Brussels, Europe. Place Jourdan 1, Brussels, 1040, Belgium


This major one-day Summit from IEEE – the world’s largest professional association dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity – will consider AI and Ethics and pose the question ‘who does the thinking’? In a series of key-note speeches and lively panel discussions, we will bring together leading technologists, legal thinkers, philosophers, social scientists, manufacturers and policy makers to:

  • Consider the social, technological, legal, and philosophical questions surrounding this ongoing international debate, including the best ways to manage risk and reward. Should technological development be given carte blanche, or what kinds of guiding principles, regulations or even pre-emptive bans should be considered?
  • Consider proposals to program ethical algorithms with human values into machines. These engineering efforts are important, because as autonomous vehicles and medical and care robots proliferate in society, these machines will likely confront situations in which their actions will have ethical consequences. But are machines able to make what humans consider ethical or moral decisions? Should humans always be in the decision making loop?
  • Consider the social implications of the applications of Artificial Intelligence in fields as diverse as healthcare, education, finance, transportation, and warfare. There are often practical challenges associated with balancing competing demands on finite capacity and resources. In a context where decisions related to the “suitability” or “prioritisation” of individuals to access services (e.g. health insurance) and other technological innovations may potentially be based on increasingly automated assessments of perceived risk factors, how do we ensure that critical decision making continues to incorporate a strong ethical dimension aligned with human values? In an increasingly complex, black-box based decision making environment, quis custodiet ipsos custodies? – (Who watches the watchmen?)

Why Attend:

The IEEE Summit ‘Artificial Intelligence and Ethics – Who does the Thinking’ will bring together a broad spectrum of leading voices in the Artificial Intelligence space, including technologists, legal thinkers, philosophers, social scientists, industry and European policy makers. By attending this Summit, you will:

  • Be part of a select community of participants meeting to hear from experts in the field and discuss the future direction of AI;
  • Connect with current thinking and views on key AI research and developments;
  • Gain insight into how policy-makers consider the future landscape around AI and ethics;
  • Network with speakers, panellists and delegates from a broad range of AI related disciplines.

2016 Program Committee

Ronald C Arkin

Paul M Cunningham

Marko Delimar

Christopher James

Sarah Spiekermann