Joanna Bryson

Reader, Department of Computer Science, University of Bath & Affiliate, Center for Information
Technology Policy, Princeton University

Joanna Bryson obtained a BA in Behavioural Science from Chicago and MSc in Artificial Intelligence at University of Edinburgh. She also holds a PhD in Computer Science from MIT, where she worked in the AI lab with Rod Brooks, Gill Pratt and finally Lynn Andrea Stein. She has worked in robotics, non-human primates and cognitive modelling with both Edinburgh’s Laboratory for Cognitive Neuroscience and Intelligence Systems (under Brendan McGonigle), and Harvard’s Laboratory for Cognitive Neuroscience (under Marc Hauser).

She is now a Reader (tenured Associate Professor) at the University of Bath where she is the research group leader for Intelligent Systems, and founded Artificial models of natural Intelligence (AmonI). She is also a member of Bath’s Centres for Networks and Cololective Behaviour, Mathematical Biology, and Media Technology. She also occassionally consults, having done so for LEGO (the toy company), and the European Commission. She is also an Associate Editor of Adaptive Behaviour, and on the editorial board for The Journal of Synthetic Emotions, Connection Science, and AI & Society.

Bryson’s scientific passion is understanding human and other animal behaviour. She uses artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to build hypotheses as computer code (models) of intelligence, which she then tests by comparing their predictions (or behavior) to that of real societies, people or animals. She spends any available time doing resarch with her group of PhD students (currently nine) of whom four work with her on studying the evolution of cognition and social behaviour, three work with robots and two work with computer game AI.