Adel El Gammal

Secretary-General of the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA).

EERA is the strategic pillar of the EU Strategic Energy Technology Plan and coordinates research activities between 250 research organisations and universities across 30 countries in Europe. Its mission is to catalyze European energy research for a climate neutral society by 2050. He is a recognized expert and a senior EU Affairs professional in the fields of low carbon technologies, clean energy transition, and climate change. Before joining EERA, Adel was active for 11 years in the EU climate energy debate, notably as Director of the Becquerel Institute, an advanced consultancy on the role of PV in the energy transition, Executive Director of LowCarbonFacts (an ECF funded programme) and Secretary General of the EU Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA, now SolarPower Europe). Before focusing his activities on renewable energy and the energy transition, Adel held various international executive positions in blue chip companies active in the field of IT and management consulting. Adel is civil engineer from Ecole Polytechnique of Brussels, holds degrees in Business Administration from Solvay Business School (Belgium) and Insead (France) and later specialized in Environment Management (IGEAT, Belgium).