Andreas Breuer

Vice President of New Technologies / Projects at innogy  S.E.

Dr. Andreas Breuer has been the Vice President of New Technologies / Projects at innogy  S.E. in Essen since September 2009.

His responsibilities include:

  • operational research and development work on distribution grids for the RWE Group (e.g. future energy grids, super-conducting cables, broadband cable networks),
  • Group-wide pooling of activities related to Smart Grids,
  • metering services (e.g. Smart Metering),
  • application technology (technology assessment, micro-CHP, virtual power plant)
  • system assessments
  • decentral energy solutions

Andreas Breuer’s division identifies and evaluates technology trends, is in charge of development activities, and ensures implementation and/or introduction of new technologies.

innogy S.E’s position on the subject of the energy transition and how it is to be designed is represented by Andreas Breuer’s division in numerous national and international bodies and associations.

In addition, system assessments are performed with a view to strategic questions, in particular for the European electricity transmission system.

Before joining the RWE Group in 2003, Dr. Breuer was a product manager in the Consulting division of ABB AG with a focus on maintenance strategies. Subsequently, he was the Managing Director of Süwag Erneuerbare Energien GmbH and Head of Concession Contract Management at Süwag Energie AG, a regional company of the RWE Group based in Frankfurt/Main.