Marko Delimar

University of Zagreb, Chair, IEEE European Public Policy Initiative

Marko Delimar is an electrical engineer, educator, and researcher. He is a professor at University of Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, where he has been with the Department of Energy and Power Systems since 1997. He is also a head-of-studies at the University of Zagreb Study Programme of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources in Šibenik.

His interests include electric power and energy systems, simulations and modelling, intelligent systems, and engineering education. His current research focuses on analysis and design of smart grid architectures and large-scale integration of renewable energy sources. An IEEE volunteer since 1994, he previously served as IEEE Secretary and IEEE Region 8 Director and is known as a co-creator of IEEE Xtreme. Currently, he serves as chair of the IEEE European Public Policy Committee and director (member of the board) of the IEEE Foundation.